Our Aims

Do you want to get to know more of the inhabitants of this city, neighbours or strangers, and expand the range of your friendships?

Do you want your talents, opinions and difficulties to be more fully understood and appreciated?

Do you want more encouragement for your ambitions?

The Nottingham Muse offers

To give every individual, in every occupation, organisation or business, from all generations and backgrounds, a way of expressing their aspirations, sharing the fruits of their experience, and learning from the knowledge and frustrations of others. How?

To organise one-to-one conversations between people who know each other only superficially or not at all, on subjects of most importance to them and to their communities. When?

To discover how individuals feel about the use of their talents and time at work, and how the different generations can combine to invent new forms of work to replace those that may disappear or no longer satisfy contemporary ideas of what a full life should be. Where?

To improve cross-fertilisation between the humanities, science, technology and commerce.

We help you to create a written or video self-portrait (which is more interesting and informative than a selfie or a CV). You can see examples http://www.oxfordmuse.com/?q=illuminating-self-portraits

When? Our first Muse Conversation will take place on 17 November at Jamie's Italian in Nottingham. Please clink on the link below to obtain an invitation or below on the get involved key for invitations to this or subsequent conversations, adding something about yourself.


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